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These real NIDORA users sprinkled their way to weight loss success with NIDORA. When you read their weight loss success stories, you’ll be amazed to discover that they reached their goals without any painful workouts or restrictive dieting. Just look at these transformations! They're proof that weight loss success can be achieved without giving up your favorite foods. You just sprinkle... eat... and lose weight!

Studies show average weight loss of 30 lbs in 6 months. In one study, 2000 participants completed a 6-month clinical trial. Some NIDORA users depicted below lost more than 30 lbs by using NIDORA longer than 6 months and/or following a sensible diet and/or exercise regimen.

I was thin as a teenager and I thought that this would last forever. But then I had a car accident in which my spine was hurt. I had to lay down for a few months. It's really terrifying to know that you might spent the rest of your life in a wheelchair. Those few months I was just lying and eating, because I wasn't allowed to do anything else. After the doctors told me that I can stand up I was so happy. But then my euphoria turned into desperation. The first time I stood up, I realized that I forgot how to walk. Not literally, but I had muscular atrophy and basicly I had to learn to use my feet again. Those months were really hard for me, but I made it thanks to my family and friends.

The lack of movement and exercise, all at a time, brought the kilos up and up. I had no control over my weight and when I got better I decided that it's time to take it back. Diets and pills were not good for me, because I was still recovering and I have almost lost any hope when I saw a NIDORA® commercial. I was amazed of the way it works in a totally natural way, without any food restrictions and expensive programs. I've decide to try it and I was hoping, that it will work.

I noticed the effect immediately I started eating less, had no cravings and five weeks later I saw that some of my clothes are now a little bit bigger for me! I was so happy that I can buy new cute clothes - the ones I dream for.

I was so excited! Now I know that every morning when I wake up I weigh less than the morning before. I'm now totally recovered from the car accident and from my "big" period.

NIDORA® gave me back my self-esteem and I feel better than ever.

Me and my husband had really hard times until I was able to get pregnant. We were so happy when we finally succeeded and the pregnancy went really well, the only problem was that I gained some weight. Actually I gained a lot of weight, a lot... I almost looked like different person at the end. After I gave birth I had to work from home while taking care of my child and I haven't even a minute free to help myself lose weight.

A friend of mine came to visit me for lunch once and before we started eating she took a strange white box out of her bag and sprinkled something that looked like salt over her food. I asked her what is this and she shared me the secret that this is NIDORA® and it is a weight loss product that helps you lose weight. I decided the try it cause it sounded so easy - just sprinkle it over your food.

It's amazing! NIDORA® helped me lose 36 lbs! I never thought it was possible! And that even without stopping the food I love. I love all kind of desserts and sweets! I didn't wanted to stop eating them and now with NIDORA® I feel great while eating whatever I want.

NIDORA® helped me lose my excessive weight and I believe it can help everybody!

I tried everything to lose weight. And by everything I mean really everything. I tried diets, exercise, programs and all the other things you can imagine. Some of them were too expensive to follow, others were uneffective, third had awful side effects but all of them ended the same way: in the moment I stop following the diet or the program I gained back the weight I've lost and some times even more. I was tired of trying but I had to lose kilos because I had health problems as a result of my overweight.

I was watching a talk show and a woman started telling how she lost weight with a one-of-a-kind product called NIDORA®. After all my failures I wasn't very convinced that it will work but the woman looked so confident and happy that I was somehow persuaded that it's worth.

I ordered it and I received it after only a few days. The first week I was weighing every evening and I didn't see any difference. I was just thinking of giving up when one evening my husband looked at my plate and noticed that I barely ate. I realised that I started eating half of normal and I continued sprinkling NIDORA® on every meal. The result appeared three weeks later I started losing weight. I was thrilled! I continued taking NIDORA® and for 19 months I lost 112 lbs! That's a really long period of time but I was determined, that's why I succe?ded. Now I don't have health problems anymore and I feel happy with how I look.

NIDORA® gave me back my health and I feel amazing now. I always have it in my bag and use whit on everything I eat.

I trusted NIDORA® and I did the right thing!

After I gave birth to my twins, I gained some weight. But I wasn't afraid, I decided that I would find time for myself and lose the extra kilos. It wasn't quite like this. I was taking care of my kids, of the house and I was eating whenever I can. I had food cravings and I had no control over them. I wasn't disturbed with my kilograms until I looked at the family pictures from Christmas and realised how huge I became.

Without noticing I gained weight and I became bigger than during my pregnancy. I felt awfully depressed but my mother-in-law told me that she saw a commercial about a weight loss product called NIDORA®.

I found it on the Internet and made the order. It took only two weeks to see some result. I've lost 6 lbs and started losing more. I couldn't believe it! I lost 70 lbs for 25 months!!! And this was possible without any restrictions and special programs.

And the best thing is that I started eating more healthy I take vegetables with every meal, stopped the junky food and I eat more often in smaller portions. This helps my metabolism and it feels amazing! I have enough energy to do the housework, play with my kids and I feel like I can do everything!

Now I'm telling people about NIDORA® because I know from my experience that they can achieve great results with it.

I always had a problem with my weight. I was a chubby kid and I felt uncomfortable. You know how cruel can kids be and my schoolmates were not an exception. They were making fun of me and calling me with embarrassing nicknames. Going to school turned into a nightmare.

In the university my problem became more serious. I've gained extra weight and I totally lost confidence. While the others were partying I was staying home. When I started my job I didn't want to talk to my colleagues. I was shy, my self-esteem was very low and I wanted to be invisible. The more unhappy I felt, the more I ate. It was turning into a vicious circle of which it seemed no escape.

I tried to lose weight with diets, but it didn't work. I just couldn't fight my hunger and desire for food. I tried to exercise but the first time I went in to the gym I saw so many thin and good looking girls that I felt even more desperate and ugly. I felt like everybody is staring at me and thinking how big I am. This was my first and last time in the gym.

I almost gave up when I saw a NIDORA® banner on a website and thought that I have nothing to lose. At first I was a bit skeptical, as we always do, but after the ten days I realized that I've started eating less. My midnight snacks became rare because NIDORA® suppressed my cravings.

Losing weight didn't happened suddenly but as my portions became smaller so did my kilos.

The best thing about NIDORA® is that I don't have to give up the foods I like. I can still have chocolate and ice cream as long as I sprinkle NIDORA® on. Now I feel full with smaller portions and I can control my appetite.

I am more confident, go out more often and I'm not as embarrassed as I used to be when I have to talk to people. It's like I live in a totally different world and this wouldn't be possible without NIDORA®.

I have weight problems since I was a child. I was growing fast and the weight was becoming more and more. I`ve been fighting all of my life... I tried diets, fitness, weight loss products, nothing helped me. I found out about NIDORA® from a TV ad and decided to try it. Thanks to NIDORA® I started eating less and my excessive weight started to diminish. I feel much better now. Everything in my life is change in a good way. I`ve lost 24 lbs and I use NIDORA® everywhere - at home, at work, at a restaurant. I advice everybody with weight problems to try NIDORA®. It will help you like it helped me! I feel much more confident now, it`s so great and all thanks to NIDORA® !

I was always overweight and that bothered my all my life. I didn't like my body and I was always ashamed for my figure. One of the hardest moments was when I was so embarrassed on the beach I didn't want to take my clothes of and everybody was watching me like some kind of alien.

One day I decided things must change. I tried diets, but it was too hard. Everybody around you eat whatever they want and you have to deprive yourself so much for so long and at the end you've lost only 4 lbs. Frustrated, when you stop the diet you gain them and even more immediately. I tried healthy and expensive foods, sports... everything... in van.

I saw NIDORA® add in internet and I decided to try it, I was face up the wall. Well, it was great decision! I now eat much less than before cause NIDORA® suppresses my appetite. I feel full with less food. Of course I didn't lose weight on the moment but with some patience after some months I lost 32 lbs!

NIDORA® helped me change and gave me the confidence and self esteem I never had!

I've struggled with my weight for a lifetime. I've tried every imaginable diet over the years but I hated depriving myself. Every now and then I was able to lose kilos but keeping it off seemed impossible. In the moment I fell off the diet I would gain it right back. I was really sick of this yo-yo game. I used to smoke and when I gave up cigarettes it became even worse. The weight just came on and on and I couldn't do anything about it.

I saw NIDORA® on the Internet and was skeptical about it but I've decide to give it a try. The first week after I started sprinkling my food with NIDORA® I noticed that I started pushing my plate away before I ate everything in it and felt completely satisfied. I continued sprinkling everything I eat and lost 10 lbs the first month. I still keep NIDORA® in my purse so it's always with me.

Thanks to NIDORA® my self-esteem has improved and I feel much more confident now.

I was fighting with my weight ever since I can remember. One day I got a severe allergic reaction and was taken to the hospital. I didn't knew I had allergies, but doctors explained to me that I have the gene and it might appear any time during my life. As it seemed something unlocked this allergy and it could've been everything – foods, dust, flowers. I was signed out the next day with a prescription for anti-allergic pills. The thing I didn't knew was that you gain weight from those pills. From a little overweight I became fat.

I tryed diets and counting callories, but once in a while I was cheating and it didn't work for me. I love eating and don't want to give up foods I like.

I came across a NIDORA® ad on the Internet and I spoke with my doctor. He said that it wouldn't be a problem for my allergy. I saw the difference immediately I felt full faster the first time I sprinkled it on my food. I lost 12 lbs the first month and this was like an inspiration for me to start eating more healthy food and start an exercise program.

It's so easy to use and you don't feel like you're on a diet because that's just not a diet. I have one container in my purse and use it on everything I eat. I keep the other container at home and use it when taking my dinner. It's amazing how NIDORA® helped me in my battle with the extra weight!

I've been playing football since I can remember I can walk. I never had problems with excessive weight. But suddenly my life changed a lot, I got married, I started serious job and I didn't have enough time for my favorite game or any other sport. When my daughter was born I was even deprived from my sleep and the little free time I had before. My kilograms were growing more and more but I didn't even had time to notice that. By change I used a weighing machine at friend of mine and i showed more than 200 lbs. That was the moment I decided something must change!

My wife then told me about NIDORA®, she have read about the product somewhere. I decided to try cause it sounded really easy to use. Suddenly I needed less food and I felt full much easier. For 4 months I was able to lose 28 lbs.

NIDORA® is effective and easy to use. You can use it everywhere you want – at home, at work, when you go to visit friends or whatever. You just take the white box, sprinkle the food and enjoy!

I was a petite teenager. ?fter I was accepted in the university and had to work to pay my taxes I became less active. It was all about home-university-work. I started eating junk food and I had no control over my eating. The result was gaining weight. A lot of it.

I had to buy bigger clothes and the ones I liked weren't appropriate for me. I felt really bad when I realized that boys aren't interested in me as much as before. And this was something I wasn't used to.

I tried diets and was able to get the kilos off but in the moment I stopped it was coming back. I saw NIDORA® and it looked so easy because I didn't have to abandon any of the foods I like.

I tried it and was able to drop 26 lbs in 5 months! And even more important – I kept the result. As my food cravings are no longer with me I gave up the junk food, one of the reasons for my weight problem.

After I lost weight I met the man of my life and I am engaged now. This wouldn't be possible without NIDORA®.

I was a little overweight, yet I didn't feel it as a big problem. But then I had my first kid and gain some more weight. I decided to start some exercises. Nevertheless I didn't had enough time because I was taking care of my son. I started a diet but it was impossible to cook different things for me and my family every day so I gave up.

I was complaining to a friend of mine about my weight problem and she told me that she's using NIDORA® - she described it to me as salt and pepper and that she's sprinkling it on her food. I just have to sprinkle it on everything I eat and it will help control my appetite. I decided to try it and I felt the difference immediately. I ate half of what I usually do! I couldn't believe it. After a week I started losing weight and felt awesome. My husband said that I look adorable.

People started coplimenting me about how I look and I felt more confident. Now I have more energy to play with my son. Every weekend I'm cycling with my family and it's amazing to spend some time with them outdoors.

And the best thing about NIDORA® is that it's so easy to use. You just sprinkle it on everything you eat and feel full with smaller portion sizes. You don't have to give up foods you like or change your eating regime, just sprinkle like salt and pepper on your meals and you will lose weight.

Thank you NIDORA® for giving back my confidence!

You can trust NIDORA for losing weight